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We have the most recent version of the Product Documentation available in multiple formats. Of course, the historical paper format is available by contacting the NRS Offices. But, if you like them in the virtual world, pick the product (Network Center or Network Director) here and have a look.

A few notes about the current publications available on our Site:

  1. PDF files (where currently available) are produced from PostScript results and, in certain environments, the quality of the graphics may not translate properly for display.
  2. HTML publications are generated from the same DCF Source code as the hardcopy versions; they are exact replications.
  3. To properly view the HTML publications, your browser must support frames. We recommended adjusting the frames to view long chapter or heading titles (especiall within the Table of Contents); this enables you to distinguish between various heading levels.
  4. To return to this Product Documentation page when viewing a publication, click the hyperlinked "Documentation" in the upper right frame.
  5. In the HTML publications, revisions are indicated by underlining. In the hardcopy publications revisions are marked with vertical bars (concatenation symbols) in the margin.
  6. Every chapter of every HTML publication is maintained in an individual HTML file. In a few publications (i.e. Messages and Codes) these chapters are large; we recommend using your browser's "Find" function to locate specific information.
  7. In the HTML publications, footnotes appear in small gray font within the text. (In the hardcopy publications they appear at the bottom of the page.)

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