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Mainframe product licenses are no longer available

PDF? North Ridge Software products are normally licensed for use on a single processor (CPU) via a product specific Product Attachment to a Software License Agreement. Individual processor license fees are graduated in tiers, based upon the MSUs (millions of Service Units) for the licensed CPU and are quoted as CPU, Rental, or Installment license fees.

Licensing Policies

All NRS software is licensed to client locations under a master contract called the NRS Software License Agreement.

We license all of our software using the following "Types" of Licensing arrangements:

License Type Description
CPU A perpetual license for an NRS product on a single, identified processor within an identified NRS Tier. CPU licenses also are entitled to full, direct support from NRS Technical Support. (Individual product fees for The Network Center or The Network Director can be obtained online.)
DSLO A distributed system license. It is a processor related to the CPU licensed processor (which must be equal or larger in size) by business and organizational structures. Maintenance and distribution activities are performed to the CPU license location only. A DSLO license fee is computed at two thirds of the applicable CPU license fee.
BACKUP Licenses the NRS product to be installed and verified on a processor that does not operate production work at the same time as the licensed CPU. The BACKUP license fee is one-fourth the applicable CPU license fee.
ENTERPRISE Provides a corporate wide, non-tiered pricing for multiple processors (bundles of 3 or 5) of any size at any location within the business. Contact NRS for specific price quotations.
TEST Licenses the NRS product to be installed and used on a non-production system by systems support personnel for testing and validation of the NRS product only. A TEST license fee is one-fourth of the applicable CPU license fee.

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