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=> The NRS Audit SME is a free implementation of the ACF/VTAM Session Management Exit that allows you to collect and evaluate information obtained from an executing VTAM Domain.

See the description of Access for information about a full function, licensed Session Management Exit.


It can be used to display, interpret, and evaluate the types of activities that are moving through the VTAM Domain. The NRS Audit SME can help you determine the:

onumber of cross domain and/or cross network connections that are actually being used within your Domain
ovolume of sessions that your Domain is participating in (over specific intervals)
otypes of Logical Units being utilized for sessions
ocontents of the parameter lists that are passed to the Session Management Exit from ACF/VTAM

The NRS Audit SME is intended to provide the user with an improved level of confidence that there are (or are not) adequate controls in place to control the VTAM Domain(s).


The NRS Audit SME can be used to collect, display, and interpret a variety of characteristics from ACF/VTAM as follows:
Detail produces a message identifying session partners for each session that occurs involving a LU in the Domain.
Hierarchy causes the Audit SME to interpret and display the Hierarchy Control Vectors associated with the Logical Units involved in a session.
Interval requests that the Audit SME produce summary statistics for each unique combination of Netid and SSCP that has had one or more half sessions originate or terminate. This summary is produced at periods selected by the local site.
Put indicates that the NRS Audit SME is to produce all output messages on the NASLOG DD (MVS) or FILEDEF (VM) definitions. This can be used to produce an audit trail for the activities ACF/VTAM is doing (dependent upon the other Audit SME settings).
Qualify provides a mechanism to control the types of session characteristics that the Audit SME should track.
Unique requests that the Audit SME generate an output message for each new node (unique Netid and SSCP) encountered during ACF/VTAM's execution.


The Audit SME is available on 3480, MS/DOS formatted Diskette (diskette requires the ability to upload binary files to a suitable host), or via Download (73K ZIP file) from the NRS WebSite. Please, remember to specify the media if you order it from NRS. If no media is indicated, NRS will ship a 3480 cartridge with the Audit SME on it.

Regardless of media, the Audit SME contains the routines and files necessary to utilize the SME in the VM and MVS environments (all releases of ACF/VTAM between 3.1.1 and 3.4.2 have been tested). The distribution tape also includes the machine readable documentation (NRS Publication NAS-0023) in DCF (Document Composition Facility), 1403, and page printer (3820) formats. Documentation is also available herePDF on the Site as an Adobe Acrobat Reader file.

The Audit SME does not support VSE environments and the source code is not included.


The Audit SME is a 370 Assembler routine available at no charge ($15 U.S. for shipping if you order a 3420 or 3480) that remains the property of North Ridge Software, Inc. with all applicable copyrights retained by NRS. You are free to use it on individual systems or reproduce it provided:

  1. all NRS markings are left intact
  2. it is not merged into any other product or offering
  3. no revenue has been generated from its use, either directly or indirectly as a result of its use

Contact North Ridge Software with questions or orders.

The Audit SME is provided on an as-is basis. North Ridge Software makes no representations or warranties with respect to the North Ridge Software Audit SME.

Each user is individually responsible for the activities the Audit SME performs and any conclusions that may be drawn from the information provided by the Audit SME.

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