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Products : The Network Director

Support for The Network Director is no longer available
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=>The Network Director provides complete SNA/VTAM Network Management facilities. A powerful menu manager, it makes network systems easier for the end user, while providing exceptional security and auditing tools for network staff.
Improve Network Security
o Allow only authorized end-users to access sensitive applications
o Safely distribute and modify passwords
o Set violation detection alarms for easy monitoring
o Quickly identify and report security violations
Increase Productivity
o Interactively monitor and manage network activities
o Easily manage user ids and passwords
o Effortlessly share help desk information
o Effectively pinpoint and solve network problems
Improve End-User Efficiency
o Run several applications simultaneously from one 3270 terminal
o Empower easy, single-logon access to authorized applications
o Provide central access to current events and application status alerts
o Offer easy, secure messaging across subsystems and domains

The Network Director allows you to
logically manage and secure an SNA network:
Menu Management Tools empower you to create dynamic, customized application menus for end-users.
Global Sign-on allows end-users to logon to one or more applications from a single entry point.
Network Information File allows you to post network-wide information in a bulletin board format.
Network Security Tools provide a complete security package including security system interfaces to RACF,ACF2, and TOPSECRET; password maintenance tools; intruder detection alarms; and more!
Messaging Services empower end-users to exchange messages within or across domains.
Administrative Tools allow you to easily and efficiently maintain and monitor network activities.
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