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Network Director
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The Network Director : Specifications

The Network Director is designed to use minimal CPU while maintaining ease-of-use:

0 Scalability
As a generalized implementation of the VTAM SME ISTEXCAA, Access uses minimal CPU and easily supports tens of thousands of users.
0 Mainframe portability
Operates within VTAM under all releases of MVS, VM, OS/390, and Z/OS, with full support for future releases.
0 Centralized control
Managed dynamically through CMS or TSO for central control from anywhere in the network.
0 Compatibility
Harmonizes with all generally available SNA network software.
0 Adaptability
Provides BSAM-routine access to file-based software information.
Network Director
Operating System and VTAM Version :
3.6.0 All IBM supported MVS, VM, and VSE systems
3.7.0 All IBM supported MVS, VM, and VSE systems
4.0.1 All IBM supported MVS, VM, and VSE systems
4.1.0 All IBM supported MVS, VM, and VSE systems
4.2.3 All IBM supported MVS, VM, and VSE/ESA systems

Terminal Support

The Network Director supports: native 3270 and compatible devices; extended attribute operation on Models 2, 3, 4, and 5; 3290 in native mode (62 by 160); and LU1 (ASCII line mode devices) and LU3 printers.


The Network Director operates as a single address space (OS), virtual machine (GCS under VM), or partition (DOS) and normally executes as the LOGAPPL ACF/VTAM application subsystem for managed devices. This architecture provides consistent response times to the end user, whether managing 20 terminals or 20,000 terminals.

System Features

The Network Director provides a universal "look and feel" to all VTAM domains while allowing installations to configure how various functions perform - an especially great benefit for enterprise networks that administer diverse operating systems!

Technical Characteristics

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