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The Network Center : Access

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Absolute control The Right Security for Today's SNA Networks!

=>Today's SNA networks are interconnected and Internet-accessible: Without absolute control over session establishment, any cross-system user can access your host applications, leading to costly security violations. Access empowers you to stop unwanted sessions before they occur!

Access Overview

Access prompts you to set powerful, comprehensive Rules over session establishment - from the time and day, to the allowable combination of applications and users. Upon activation, Access utilizes these Rules as it scans your local VTAM domain, rejecting and accepting session requests as directed.


Access gives you the ability to:

Improve host-data security
o Control session establishment across mainframe and PC LAN sources
o Monitor session approval and denial in real time
o Set violation detection alarms
o Pinpoint and eliminate problematic session activity
o Record session activity for historical audits
o Provide top-notch security for cross-domain or cross-network (SNI) configurations.
Increase productivity
o Eliminate the requirement to code thousands of VTAM macros
o Interactively test Rules and.
o Simplify management of VTAM/SNA security
o Quickly resolve session security dilemmas
o Effectively control network sessions from one central location
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