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The Network Center : Timeout

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Absolute control Because the demand for enterprise security & availability hasn't gone away!

=>Unattended terminals, applications, or subsystems can lead to severe network security violations and waste valuable system resources. It's of vital importance to solve the existing problems, monitor potential problems, and make any necessary changes without disrupting network operations. Timeout's comprehensive solution provides powerful inactivity and connection timers, real-time session monitors, and efficiency perspectives.

Timeout Overview

Timeout allows you to define rules that automatically terminate VTAM sessions based on conditions like maximum connect time or idle time intervals. From entire subsystems to individual users, you have the power to stop sessions how and when you want to!

Timeout Features

Timeout gives you the ability to:

Increase Productivity
o Simplify management of VTAM/SNA security
o Effectively control session activity and inactivity limits from one central location
Facilitate Availability
o Free up system resources by eradicating unnecessary sessions
o Eliminate abandoned subsystems, like CICS
o Particularly beneficial for pooled implementations like LANs or dial up configurations!
Improve Security
o Protect sensitive host-data by terminating unattended sessions based on activity, inactivity, and connection restrictions
o Eliminate the security risks associated with unattended monitors
o Interactively monitor timeout-related session activity
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