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Absolute control Absolute control over alias name assignment!

=>Defining and tracking Alias name assignments can be an arduous task, especially for large installations with remote interconnections. Alias provides relief by delivering absolute control over alias name assignment in the gateway SSCP - including the ability to dynamically generate the Dlu alias, Olu alias, COS name, Logmode name, or SSCP name for any type of resource - and the power to mnonitor and record alias activity.

Alias Overview

VTAM processes requests to establish connections between cross-network logical units (LUs). When a connection establishes in your local domain, the cross-network's identity (LU name) must be unique. Alias empowers installations running ACF/VTAM releases that do not permit dynamic name assignment to effortlessly and efficiently manage these unique LU naming requirements.

Alias empowers you set Rules for one-to-one, predefined, or dynamic alias translation parameters. It then scans every session request routed through your local VTAM domain, compares it against your Rules, and assigns an Alias name as required.

Alias Features

Alias gives you the ability to:

Increase productivity

o Eliminate the requirement to assign thousands of individual alias names
o Dynamically assign alias names as needed
o Quickly review current alias assignments online
o Simplify management of SNA/VTAM resources with virtual consoles
o Improve operations by monitoring session activities in real-time
o Interactively, test, activate, and deactivate Rules
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