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The Network Center : Select

Support for The Network Center is no longer available
Absolute control Dramatically improve load balancing and data-transfer security!

=> Ineffectively utilized data routes can waste valuable system resources and leave sensitive data exposed to potential security breaches - translating into the loss of millions of dollars. Select enables you to dynamically prioritize, define, and monitor contacts with other domains and networks for optimal load-balancing efficiency and increased control over cross-network activities!

Select Overview

Select allows you to create Rules that manipulate and prioritize the contents of VTAM lists, including Virtual routes, Gateway paths, SSCP names, and Adjacent Link Station names. When activated, Select compares session request information against your Rules and assigns or manipulates a Select List, as required.

Select Features

Select gives you the ability to:

Increase Productivity
o Simplify management of SNA network efficiency and security
o Effectively control load balancing and selection route processing from one central location
o Expand diagnostic capabilities with VTAM virtual consoles

Improve data-transfer security

o Increase security by restricting cross-domain and cross-network activities that involve sensitive data
o Monitor session routing and rule exceptions in real-time
Create a more efficient network
o Improve load balancing by specifying the exact percentages of data traffic transmitted across any particular route.
o Reduce overhead by manipulating and prioritizing the contents of VTAM select lists, setting any processing order.
o Enhance network performance by selecting the most secure and efficient data transfer routes.
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