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Feature Benefits
An intuitive, CUA-compliant interface minimizes training overhead and aids infrequent users with simple menu navigation and command prompts.
Interactive tools empower users to quickly implement and manage rules that dynamically generate alias names.
Color-coded messages signal conditions that differ from installation norms, allowing staff to solve potential problems.
Real-time monitoring makes it a snap to assess alias-naming activities.
Testing and rule analysis tools ensure that users create rules that are optimal for your installation.
Historical audit trails empower users to generate standard records and pinpoint session trends for a more secure and efficient network.
Administrative facilities provide advanced VM and OS staff with virtual consoles and other tools for in-depth VTAM diagnoses and management.
Around-the-clock tech support includes fast, friendly assistance from the program developers.

System Features

Alias is designed to use minimal CPU while maintaining ease-of-use:

=> Centralized control
Managed dynamically through CMS or TSO for central control from anywhere in the network.

=> Compatibility
Harmonizes with all generally available SNA network software.

=> Adaptability
Provides BSAM-routine access to file-based software information.

=> Scalability

As a generalized implementation of the VTAM SME ISTEXCAA, Alias uses minimal CPU and easily supports tens of thousands of users.

=> Mainframe portability
Operates within VTAM under all releases of MVS, z/VM, OS/390, and Z/OS, with full support for future releases.
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