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Rule Administration

The Timeout Administration panel provides an extensive menu of tools for centralized, fingertip control over session timing in your local domain. Define, activate, and track Rules

Active rules
lists the currently active Rules for Timeout
Component options
sets the active Rules and the Rule mode
Define (value) Group
sets the processing order for one or more Rules, Rulesets or Groups
Display (value) Group
displays a Group or Value Group for viewing or modification
Rule counts
displays how many times each Rule gets used
Rule definition
contains operands for specifying when and how a particular session should be timed out
Rule display
displays a Rule or Ruleset for modification or viewing
Rule reload
refreshes the Active Rules with any changes made to the Rules, Rulests, or Groups
Rule test
creates sample sessions to test against your Rules
lists session activity that is being monitored by Timeout

Timeout Rule Definition

The Rule Definition panel provides a wide range of operands for defining specific or general rules that allow or deny session establishment:

For example, let's say you want to eliminate a problem you are having with users bringing up and then abandoning CICS throughout the day. You could create the following rule, which places a 10-minute inactivity timer on any device that establishes a session with the subsystem "CICS". If the session does not terminate within 8 hours of initiation (the "Connect time"), Timeout will terminate the session. In other words, the device's session will be terminated if it lasts more than 8 hours OR if the device is inactive for more than 10 minutes:

Maximum Connect Rule Example

Timeout Session Monitor

The following example demonstrates the real-time monitoring viewpoint provided by the Message Queue, including Rule-based logoffs and terminations:

Timeout Rule Activity

Real-life Examples!

The best way to experience all of Timeout's security and efficiency features is by actually using it, which is why we offer a free 30-day Trial. You can use your trial software on your production system or create a test environment using Timeout's testing facilities. And it's hassle free: If Timeout isn't right for your installation, there are no further obligations or sales contact.

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